A New Year for Our Revolution

Happy 2018! Are you and your eligible friends and relatives registered to vote? The congressional midterm elections this Fall are critical! (We have only 9 months to go.) Let's be ready for them. Register yourself and help someone else do it — today. Did you know US voters abroad must re-register to get election ballots … Continue reading A New Year for Our Revolution

Our Revolution takes on Texas

"Texas Democrats haven’t won a single statewide race since 1994," reports John Nichols for The Nation, but that isn't stopping Our Revolution from building a grassroots movement of progressive populists there: Pushing instead for intense organizing and messaging, Our Revolution leaders and organizers have taken to the old-fashioned populist circuit, driving county highways before dawn and … Continue reading Our Revolution takes on Texas

International Our Revolution Groups, Unite

I just learned: there is a membership registration page where you can sign up (from any country) and get a membership package mailed to you. there is an Our Revolution Abroad group that has an active Facebook page with many members. Bernie had a lot of good things to say to Democrats Abroad about their … Continue reading International Our Revolution Groups, Unite

Lee Carter and the Somerville Slate to Join Monthly Membership Call

It's nearly the 15th again, and time for another membership call. This Wednesday, we will be having our monthly Membership Call to discuss the course of the 2017 election cycle from the perspective of Our Revolution’s endorsed candidates, board members, and local groups. Monthly Membership Call Wednesday, November 15, 2017 9 p.m. EST/ 6 p.m. … Continue reading Lee Carter and the Somerville Slate to Join Monthly Membership Call

American Promise: A Way Past Citizens United

Our Revolution president Nina Turner spoke about American Promise on a special national membership call earlier this month. (Listen to it here.) It's an initiative she is involved with that's supported by Our Revolution and many other groups, including some conservatives. From Wyoming to Massachusetts, Oklahoma to Michigan, and all across the United States, American … Continue reading American Promise: A Way Past Citizens United

So much winning

Democrats Abroad summarized the November 7 election results. 21 elections won by Our Revolution candidates! The Nation called it a big win and sees some lessons to be learned. (Like having a positive agenda, and not just being against something.) Democrats, Populists, and Socialists -- oh my! -- cheered The Intercept: A CIVIL RIGHTS attorney who delights in … Continue reading So much winning