Take Action!

Since 2016 there have not been many times when there was not a candidate running somewhere with Our Revolution’s support. Opportunities abound. Check the current list of candidates here.

You can help get out the progressive vote in our candidates’ districts and get them elected — from anywhere in the world! Google Voice/Hangouts and other VOIP and texting apps makes this especially easy. We also use texting for special rapid-response organizing needs as they arise.

Whether you plan to help with calling, texting, or both you’ll need to get Slack, a free chat app (here’s how), and join the appropriate Slack group(s).

To join the texting group, the easiest path is to just go here and submit your email address.

See the Local Organizing Slack Guide to familiarize yourself with how we’re using it. You should also be familiar with Our Revolution Code of Conduct, which you’re expected to follow.

1. Join the Our Revolution Call Team.

  • Here is where you start: ourrev.us/call. You’ll be walked through the account setup and phonebanking process in the Our Revolution Guide to Phonebanking.
  • Optional but helpful: Go to the #call_team channel to chat with other volunteer callers and get notices from leaders when callers are needed. It’s fun to call and chat with others while watching your calls get counted. Lines open at the scheduled times you see on the site so you’re calling during an appropriate hour.
  • This Introduction to Phonebanking (Video) explains why and how we call voters to build support for candidates.
  • This Introduction to V2V Calling explains V2V (Volunteer to Volunteer) calling, which we do to build our local groups by reaching out to individuals in their area who have expressed support for Our Revolution.

2. Text for Our Revolution

  • Here is where you start. Textbanking works a lot like phonebanking, but it requires use of Slack. (See above.) Coordinating with others via Slack, you will use the Our Revolution database and call system to send text messages to people in coordinated GOTV (get out the vote) campaigns, from local to state to federal elections.
  • Go through the FAQ and Self-Training on Trello.
  • Finish your training with a texting team mentor on Slack.

Other Ways to Resist the Right from Outside the United States: