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To officially become a member of Our Revolution, attend one of our events and/or make a donation when you enroll here.

(You do not need to be a US citizen. Non-US citizens are welcome to join and help with all of our activities.)

Read Our Revolution’s Code of Conduct here. Read Our Revolution Edmonton’s Terms of Use/Membership here.

Join Democrats Abroad

We also encourage everyone who is eligible to vote in the US to become a member of Democrats Abroad. (It’s free and easy to join online too.)

Through Democrats Abroad, we have four votes in the Democratic National Committee (the governing body of the party) and 17 votes in the Democratic National Convention. Democrats Abroad Canada is the largest of all the international chapters.

Register to Vote from Abroad

If you’ve never signed up to receive US election ballots by mail or email at, please do! Encourage all US voters you know to do the same.

Vote from Abroad is a service of Democrats Abroad that will help you vote in every election you are eligible to vote in, from local and state to national elections. You can have them email ballots to you directly; it’s really helpful!