A New Year for Our Revolution

Happy 2018! Are you and your eligible friends and relatives registered to vote? The congressional midterm elections this Fall are critical! (We have only 9 months to go.) Let’s be ready for them. Register yourself and help someone else do it — today.

Did you know US voters abroad must re-register to get election ballots every year? It’s true — but it’s easy, thanks to Democrats Abroad providing a great online/email based registration and voting service. (You don’t need to be a Democrat to use it, and by using it you don’t become one — although you sure can.)

What’s going on in Our Revolution in 2008?

One big thing that’s been ongoing from most of 2017 is the Unity Reform Commission, which represents a crucial party reform dialogue inside the DNC. Its members include Berniecrats and Our Revolution leaders like Nomiki Konst and Jim Zogby. (Also Larry Cohen, Lucy Flores, Jane Kleeb, Gus Newport, Nina Turner and Jeff Weaver.)

Our Revolution is trying to get voter registration for the Democratic Party to be as easy as it is for us at votefromabroad.org in every state. Register any time, including right at a caucus or primary, and without that registration expiring.

Some state Democratic parties require registration a YEAR in advance. Along with the elimination or significant reduction of “SuperDelegates,” Our Revolution is trying to open the gates for voters to join the Democratic party. A truly democratic Democratic party can build and sustain a progressive populism. That’s what we want — a people’s party. A big tent for the 99%.

Our Revolution is in the process of retooling the calling and texting systems that allow us all to help support campaigns in any part of the United State from any location there or abroad. We’re able to use these systems to engage in volunteer to volunteer calling campaigns to help organize local groups. We may be able to do that for ourselves as well. Bernie’s campaign and Our Revolution have collected Albertan contacts over the past few years, and we know there are about 100,000 US citizens here. Are you one? If you are, we’d love to connect with you.

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