Our Revolution takes on Texas

“Texas Democrats haven’t won a single statewide race since 1994,” reports John Nichols for The Nation, but that isn’t stopping Our Revolution from building a grassroots movement of progressive populists there:

Pushing instead for intense organizing and messaging, Our Revolution leaders and organizers have taken to the old-fashioned populist circuit, driving county highways before dawn and after dark to get to towns that haven’t experienced much political excitement in recent years. The meetings fuse activist energy with practical politics, pulling in labor, civil-rights, and immigrant-rights groups, as well as young people who have never identified as Democrats. “There are people who haven’t trusted the Democratic Party, but they trust Our Revolution,” says Julie Ann Nitsch, who won a seat on the Austin Community College district board of trustees last December with strong support from the group. There are also plenty of Democrats who have stuck with the party through thick and thin but have grown tired of waiting for something new.

It’s a long, hard road @OurRevolutionTX has taken, and I find that encouraging. The support and leadership of political veterans like Jim Hightower is also a source of strength.




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